Icon-CheckMark-Blue01. Data Is Your Life Blood — Your dental practice data; Digital X-Rays, treatment plants, lab cases, intraoral images, 3D panoramic case study, etc., are vital to the sustained operation of your business. All your company’s other assets; computers, software, facilities, furniture, etc. can be replaced, but if you lose your data, you business will suffer irreparable harm. Safeguarding data is the most important IT goal.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue02. Data Is Vulnerable in So Many Ways — Have you ever lost a file, had a laptop stolen or a server crash or maybe even had your entire office lost to some disaster. If so, what did it take to recover your data in each scenario? How long did it take? Do you have a data protection strategy that allows you to recovery quickly and completely? Will that strategy allow you continue critical business functions without interruption?

Icon-CheckMark-Blue03. Traditional Solutions Aren’t Good Enough — Whether you are still trying to get by with a tape or disk-based solution or if you have tried to use one of the many consumer-grade cloud backup solutions, the fact is that they don’t provide the comprehensive functionality and recoverability necessary to protect your small business. They are either too slow, they don’t provide adequate coverage or they can’t reliably recover the data at the moment of truth.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue04. You Need to Focus on Running Your Business — You have a business to run and you don’t have the time or experience to be the IT expert. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that you can’t be expected to understand the nuances of designing, implementing and managing the best data protection strategy. You need an expert on your side.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue05. Benefit from Economies of Scale — Data protection service providers are servicing multiple customers so their ability to create cost effective infrastructure and operational scale is simply not something you can do on your own.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue06. Benefit From Economies Of Skill — Delivering, a well designed and implemented data protection service requires certified experts who understand all the issues with protecting data on your dental office servers and applications hosting your patient records. It unfeasible for you to attempt to hire multiple individuals to provide this support and impossible to find one super guru who knows everything.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue07. Bare Metal Restore — Bare metal restore allows you to recover an entire server machine from scratch after a catastrophic failure. This provides you the fastest path to a functioning system after a significant data loss.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue08. Data Growth Isn’t Slowing Down—Data typically grows at a minimum of 20% year over year. This means that you need a solution that supports this growth and is able to handle the additional scale without any impact to your recovery point and recovery time. What’s more we continually grow more dependent on our data and our need for an effective data protection solution increases with our dependence.

Icon-CheckMark-Blue10. Flexibility — Today’s data protection services provide the ability for cloud-based protection or a hybrid approach. This inherent flexibility allows you to select the solution that matches the recovery point and recovery time requirements of your business.

Your data protection strategy and solution choice is one of the most important decisions you will make as a small business owner. You need to focus on running your dental practice, not being the IT guy. Legacy solutions are filled with problems and the vast majority of you aren’t confident that you could recover from various data loss scenarios.

You need to start by understanding your requirements in terms of data loss and recovery time. Then you need to leverage a data protection solution that provides the right SLA at the right price while fully supporting the various data loss scenarios.

Ez Dental Backup provide you with a comprehensive solution that allows you feel confident that you can recover your data regardless of the scenario. Whether it is a single critical file, from a single digital X-ray or even your entire building, the right data protection service will enable you to get your dental office operational again in the shortest amount of time and without losing any data.