Software Compatibility

Online Backup Solution Exclusively for Dental Offices.

Feature Packed Data Backup Solution
  • Supports disk imaging and bare metal restore of machines running Windows 7, windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and 2012
  • Fully compatible with all dental practices management and imaging applications
  • Backup and Restore data to your local drives at  a faster data transfer rate
  • Intelligently backup only the incremental changes using the powerful intelli-delta technology
  • Industry standard Blowfish and 3DES encryption algorithms to protect your data.
  • Effortlessly backup your open files including Dentrix, Dolphin, Kodak, Schick SQL databases and securely restore it when required.
  • Easy & powerful backups for MS SQL Server & MySQL
  • Backup your data across various OS platforms like Windows, Linux
  • Intuitive and user-friendly GUI interface that makes your backup job a breeze
Our data backup solution is compatible with every software application for the dental practice such as, but not limited to:
Icon-CheckMark-Blue XDR Icon-CheckMark-Blue DXIS Icon-CheckMark-Blue Patterson Imaging
Icon-CheckMark-Blue AFP Imaging Icon-CheckMark-Blue Eaglesoft Icon-CheckMark-Blue PerioPal
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Ajat Icon-CheckMark-Blue Easy Dental Icon-CheckMark-Blue Planmeca
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Apteryx Icon-CheckMark-Blue Eva Icon-CheckMark-Blue Practice Web
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Apixia Icon-CheckMark-Blue Ewoo EasyDent Icon-CheckMark-Blue PreXion
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Belmont XV (see Apteryx) Icon-CheckMark-Blue EZ 2000 Icon-CheckMark-Blue Prof Suni
Icon-CheckMark-Blue BioPAK Icon-CheckMark-Blue Florida Probe Icon-CheckMark-Blue Progeny
Icon-CheckMark-Blue CADI Icon-CheckMark-Blue Fona OrisWin Icon-CheckMark-Blue QSI Image
Icon-CheckMark-Blue CallFire Icon-CheckMark-Blue Gendex VixWin Icon-CheckMark-Blue RayMage
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Camsight Icon-CheckMark-Blue HouseCalls Icon-CheckMark-Blue Romexis
Icon-CheckMark-Blue CareStream Icon-CheckMark-Blue iCat Icon-CheckMark-Blue ScanX Visix
Icon-CheckMark-Blue CaptureLink Icon-CheckMark-Blue Image FX Icon-CheckMark-Blue Schick CDR Dicom
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Cerec Icon-CheckMark-Blue Image XL Icon-CheckMark-Blue Sigma Image XRV
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Cliniview Icon-CheckMark-Blue Kodak Icon-CheckMark-Blue Sirona SIDEXIS XG
Icon-CheckMark-Blue ClioSoft Icon-CheckMark-Blue Lightyear Icon-CheckMark-Blue TeleVox
Icon-CheckMark-Blue DBSwin by Duerr Icon-CheckMark-Blue Lightyear SpeedVision Icon-CheckMark-Blue TigerView
Icon-CheckMark-Blue DDS Works Icon-CheckMark-Blue LynxVision Pro Icon-CheckMark-Blue Trophy
Icon-CheckMark-Blue DentalEye Icon-CheckMark-Blue MaxiViewer Icon-CheckMark-Blue Quickboocks
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dentalvision Icon-CheckMark-Blue Mediadent Icon-CheckMark-Blue Peach Tree
Icon-CheckMark-Blue DentiMax Icon-CheckMark-Blue MiPACS Icon-CheckMark-Blue MS Outlook
Icon-CheckMark-Blue DentiMax Advanced Icon-CheckMark-Blue Mogo Icon-CheckMark-Blue Tscan
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dentrix Icon-CheckMark-Blue Mountainside Icon-CheckMark-Blue Vatech
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dent-x ProImage Icon-CheckMark-Blue MPDx Icon-CheckMark-Blue Vipersoft
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dexis Icon-CheckMark-Blue OneView Icon-CheckMark-Blue VisionDent
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Digora Soredex Optime Icon-CheckMark-Blue Open Dental Icon-CheckMark-Blue Visix
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dimaxis Icon-CheckMark-Blue Oriview Icon-CheckMark-Blue VixWin
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dolphin Icon-CheckMark-Blue Owandy Icon-CheckMark-Blue VixWinBase41
Icon-CheckMark-Blue Dr. Ceph Icon-CheckMark-Blue Patient Gallery Icon-CheckMark-Blue XDR
Icon-CheckMark-Blue XL Dent