If you are a dental software vendor or solutions provider looking for opportunities to bring new value-adding backup solutions to your customers whilst increasing revenue, then our program is for you. Reselling Ez Dental Backup service provides a unique opportunity to expand your service offering by equipping you with the necessary tools and materials to start working with your client base today.

The Ez Dental Backup Wholesale/Reseller Partner program is for companies that wish to offer premium online backup solutions to their customers. Our service can answer the requirements of customers of various sizes, from small dental practices, to multi-terabyte dental groups.

The program includes on-site or remote technical and product training designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to be successful. Ez Dental Backup encourages growth by offering added incentives and benefits, as partners gain monthly recurring revenue levels. Our program meets the requirements of most businesses. For more details on our wholesale/reseller partnership program, contact us today.

Partner Requirements

We require certain skills and experience from wholesale and reseller partners. These include:

Expertise in selling and supporting hosted IT services and related equipment to dental practices
Focus on selling and/or consulting with organisations for the sale of IT solutions
Certain minimal sales, support and technical resources

Referral partner program

Are you looking for a new way to boost your revenue and provide solutions to your clients? If you provide technology solutions and services for dental offices, explore this relationship opportunity and generate revenue on your business connections. Joining our program is simple and a great way to earn recurrent revenue, while helping doctors gain from our online backup service.

Just refer your customers to us; we’ll gain an understanding of their needs, offer tailored backup solution and handle billing and support, while you create an additional revenue stream.

You can be certain our quality service will add value and strengthen the relationship with your clients. Ez Dental Backup referral program provides you with an opportunity to earn 10% of new customer’s fee. For more information about our referral program, contact us.


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